Restored Foundation

Project type: Foundation
Foundation restoration

Rock came highly recommended, so I gave him a call. Part of my stone foundation was crumbling and I needed someone to take care of it for me. Rock did a great job on the foundation. He had two fixes in mind for the job. He was honest enough to recommend the route that was less expensive. If I have anymore home issues that arise that I can’t take care of myself, Rock will get the call.

-Stephen L.

A Diverse Project

Project type: Excavation, Forestry, Foundation, Septic
Diverse project

I used Rock Webster for all of the woods clearing, a half-mile driveway, site excavation work, septic installation and cement/foundation work on a significant new construction project. Rock was great. He gave me a straightforward quote up front, arrived when he said he would, completed the project on (or slightly ahead of) schedule, and kept the jobsite clean throughout.

We had some extras that came up – as they always do – and he was more than fair in charging for them. I later had him come back and do some field leveling and drainage work, which immediately dried up some wet areas. He seeded and hayed, and within a couple of months it blended in like it had always been a level and dry field. We moved a small barn/shed about 250 feet across the property and Rock and his crew hammered down and got the job done.

I highly recommend him.

-John S.

“Enter Rock Webster & Crew”

Project type: Excavation, Septic, Stonework, Foundation
Panama Canal

In 2008 we bought a tiny old (1864) house in Woodstock. There was a dirt basement and one side of the house needed to be jacked up. All the retaining walls on all levels were crumbling.

Enter onto the scene Rock Webster and crew.

  • Piles of lumber and debris were cleared out from the brook side, carefully, so as to preserve the structural integrity of it’s banks.
  • The basement was dug and a floor poured so that the contractor could then jack the house up.
  • The narrow terrace at the lower level of the house above the 8 foot high stone retaining wall was excavated and a foundation poured for a brick patio/porch.
  • Garden soil was trucked in to replace gravel on lower lawn terrace.
  • Two large stone retaining walls on south side of the house were completely rebuilt.
  • Rock designed and built a fieldstone patio on the lower level and stone steps down from the parking space.
  • He placed temporary large boulders at the end of the space for parking safety working with heavy equipment in a space of 1 1/2 car lengths right off the street itself.

Done. Or so we thought. Then the septic line was shown to be defective. Now, here’s where the real genius of this contractor comes into play. He brought heavy equipment down the steep passageway into the yard, dug under and through the eight foot retaining stonewall up to where the line entered the house. In the other direction, down in the yard he dug up the old line up to the plastic line which had replaced the old one further down. When the plumbers had the new line in, all was recovered, and the stone retaining wall rebuilt. All of this work was completed in ONE DAY. And through the owner’s garden. Rock’s men carefully dug perennials and set them aside during the excavation of the line for the owner to replant as desired.

I have probably left something out, but hope this shows some of the range of Rock Webster’s services. What it can’t show is what I am going to tell you now: all of this work was done to estimate – or below. It was done courteously, quickly and soundly. Two years later the house and grounds are a gem. As I said at the beginning, Rock Webster wins our highest recommendation.

-Margaret M.